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Measures at TU Dort­mund University

Since the incidence values in Germany are at a low level, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia has permitted opening steps for teaching at universities in June. Since then, courses and examinations may also be offered in classroom formats beyond the previously possible exceptional cases. The buildings on campus are open again. Nevertheless, protective measures continue to apply at TU Dortmund University. Employees should continue to work from home and only work on site if there are compelling official matters. Committee meetings should also be held digitally wherever possible.

Medical masks (surgical or FFP2 mask) must be worn in the buildings. The conditions of the general hygiene concept as well as the approved area-specific hygiene concepts apply to any operations taking place in attendance. For employees, TU Dortmund University offers self-tests for home use and additionally scientifically supervised PCR pool tests on campus; if capacities are available, students can also use the PCR tests as a complementary offer. Control of mandatory testing for teaching takes place as long as the city and state are not both in incidence level 1 or 0; accordingly, it is currently suspended as of 13 June.

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