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Since June 26, all citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia over the age of 12 are entitled to make an appointment for vaccination at the vaccination centers. Employees and students of the TU Dortmund can book appointments there. At the Dortmund vaccination center and at many other locations, it is currently even possible to be vaccinated spontaneously and without an appointment. Additionally, people who had been infected with the co­ro­na­virus can be vaccinated as early as four weeks after the symptoms have subsided.
You can easily make the booking by phone or online:

For Dortmund and the eastern Ruhr area:

For the western Ruhr area:

Unfortunately, most of the information are only offered in German. International members of TU Dortmund University can contact the international office at social.counselingtu-dortmundde, if they need help.


From 9 August, a “vaccination bus” will be touring Dortmund, offering vaccinations at various locations in the city. Further information about the “vaccination bus” can be found on the website of the city of Dortmund (German only).

Since 7 June, vaccination prioritization has been lifted.  Currently, many general practitioners and specialists are offering short-term vaccination appointments.


Since TU Dortmund University has no medical faculty, the university itself cannot offer vaccinations. Vaccination via the occupational health physician was not possible in June; no appointments have been requested for July and August, as the need for initial vaccinations among employees is continually decreasing. However, the university was seeking partnerships to offer vaccination campaigns for its members on campus.

On 12 July, a vaccination campaign took place on campus, where up to 250 students and employees of TU Dortmund University could be vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer. The vaccination was coordinated by Dr. Stephan Wallmeyer from Dortmund. On site, several vaccinators with their teams performed the vaccinations. Another vaccination event scheduled for Wednesday, 28 July, had to be canceled because the demand was too low.

For offering face-to-face teaching again in the winter semester of 2021/22, herd immunity should be achieved in the 18 to 59 age group by then. According to the RKI's model calculations, this means that at least 85% must be fully vaccinated.

TU Dort­mund Uni­ver­sity has conducted a survey to find out how high the need for vaccination currently is among the students. Around 6,600 TU students took part in the short, anonymous online survey from 21 to 26 July. he result: 92 percent are already fully vaccinated or have been vaccinated once. According to the survey, 68 percent of the approximately 6,600 participants have already been fully vaccinated, and another 24 percent have already received their first vaccination. Less than one percent said they had already made an appointment for vaccination. Only two percent of all respondents said they would not like to be vaccinated. 

Fully vaccinated as well as recovered persons do not need to show a negative Corona test in areas where the "3G rule" applies. In addition, they no longer need to be quarantined if they are a close contact person and display no symptoms. Nevertheless they must continue to observe distance and hygiene rules; existing occupational health and safety measures must also be maintained.

No, there will be no compulsory vaccination for participation in face-to-face classes at TU Dortmund University. However, it is expected that in order to take part in these classes, students must either be vaccinated, recovered or tested. 

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