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Work organization and labor law

The Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection is continuously developing the risk assessment/hygiene concept further. All TU members can view the current version in the service portal. It describes basic rules that must be observed in all activities at TU Dortmund University. Thus, it is still advisable to ventilate rooms regularly, to pay attention to hand hygiene and to stay at home in case of illness.

The team of the Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection is available to answer any questions.

In the event of an infection, especially when persons requiring special protection are present, it is mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask indoors at TU Dortmund University. In order to avoid contact employees are encouraged to work in their home office for five days if possible. Notifications to the Pandemic Officer may be omitted.

Yes, the Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection provides certified surgical masks to the Dean’s Offices and other in­sti­tu­ti­ons which can be issued to employees for work on campus. A contingent of FFP2 masks is available.

With each of the two personnel representatives, a Service Agreement "Mobile Working" has been concluded. According to this agreement, both scientific employees and technical/administrative employees can apply to work a certain part of their working time at home or from another location rather than being on campus. No generally applicable maximum limit has been set for this proportion, as this is determined by the individual profile of activity. Before a formal request is made, an exchange should therefore also take place between employees and their superiors about the possible arrangement of the work.

The ServicePortal describes how to apply for mobile work. There are two procedures: Employees in technology and administration must fill out a form that must be signed by their superiors. Scientific employees can send the application informally by e-mail to the Department of Human Resources, provided that they inform their superiors in CC. By submitting the application, it is confirmed that the notes on IT security and the computer workplace have been taken note of. 

The Department of Human Resources will issue a written confirmation as to whether the request has been approved.

When working from home, employees must ensure that they can be contacted during normal working hours. When working on site, the specifications of the general hygiene concept must be complied with.

The recording of work time in the flexitime system remains paused for the time being.

Against the background of the Corona pandemic, parents will be able to claim 30 instead of 20 working days of children's sick pay for each child covered by statutory health insurance also in 2022 and 2023. If there are several children, each parent is entitled to a maximum of 65 working days in total. For single parents, the entitlement increases by 20 to 60 working days per child. If there are several children, single parents are entitled to a maximum of 130 working days in total. Eligible are working parents with statutory health insurance cover. Parents can claim children's sick pay up to and including 7 April 2023, even if their child is not sick but must be looked for at home because the school, daycare center or childcare facility is closed by the authorities, compulsory attendance at classes has been suspended or authorities have restricted the access. Further information can be found on the pages of the TU Dortmund Family Service (in German).