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Work organization and labor law

Working from home and the workplace at the campus of TU Dortmund University are equally valid working locations. Which workplace is chosen in individual cases depends on the necessities of the tasks and is determined by the superiors in consultation with the employees. When working from home, employees must ensure that they can be contacted during normal working hours. When working on site, the specifications of the general hygiene concept must be observed.

If no agreement is reached between the supervisor and the employee with regard to the place of work in an individual case, the supervisors must provide the  Department of Human Resource with a detailed written statement of the reasons for the compulsory work in attendance. On the basis of this statement, the Department of Human Resource will make a final decision on the place of work in the event of a dispute.

The recording of working time in the flexitime system remains suspended.

Since 9 July, employees in North Rhine-Westphalia are required to submit negative test certificates to their employer if they have not worked on the premises of the workplace for at least five consecutive working days, for example due to vacation. Employees of TU Dortmund University can provide this proof either by taking a free citizenship test or by taking a PCR pool test in the test tents on campus. Please note that the result of the PCR tests will only be available on the following day. As usual, take a self-test at home in advance. "Supervised employee tests" on the first working day on site are not performed at TU Dortmund University.
The negative test certificate must be presented to the respective direct superior on the first day of work on campus. Supervisors have a look at the test evidence and then return it. The evidence does not have to be retained or documented. Any documentation previously prepared in this context will be destroyed. This regulation also applies to people who initially started in the home office after vacation.

Alternatively, those who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered and have no symptoms may present appropriate proof. The regulation does not apply if employees were not on site due to working from home or business trips.

Fact sheet from the ministry (in German)

At the beginning of December 2020, the management of TU Dortmund University agreed with the personnel representatives on a guideline on home office for the employees of TU Dortmund University. The document offers practical advice to superiors on how home offices can be equipped for efficient work. This includes furniture as well as IT equipment and software applications. The guide also discusses how additional training can be carried out from home and what specific offers there are on the subject of home office. This guide is available on the ServicePortal.

The Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection is continuously developing the general hygiene concept further. All TU members can view the current version in the service portal. It describes basic rules as well as special rules for different scenarios such as work in the office, work in workshops, oral examinations, examinations, review of examination documents, teaching in attendance, meetings/conferences, research in the laboratory and laboratory internships. The guideline for the employment of persons at risk (Annex 1) was updated on August 25.

The most important rule is to keep your distance. This means, among other things, that work should take place in individual offices wherever possible. Where this is not possible and the rooms are large enough (10 square metres per person), several people can work in one room, observing the rules on distance. It is mandatory to wear a medical mask in all buildings and rooms. This may only be removed at permanently assigned workplaces without public traffic, provided the hygiene rules of TU Dortmund University are observed. Attendance lists must be kept to enable contact tracing in case of infection. The hygiene concept also describes requirements for the use of lifts, tea kitchens or sanitary facilities as well as (new) cleaning of communally used equipment. Wherever possible, communication should be digital.

It is absolutely necessary for working in the office on-site that the specifications of the general hygiene concept are adhered to. For working in the office, the Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection has prepared a separate chapter in the general hygiene concept and also produced a video tutorial. In case of deviations from the specifications of the general hygiene concept, please contact the Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection.

Deviating from the hygiene concept, offices may again be occupied by more than one person if employees provide their superiors with unsolicited proof of vaccination protection and a risk assessment for the workplaces is available. Despite immunization, technical barriers (acrylic glass) and the minimum distance are also required in these multiple offices and the wearing of a medical mask is still recommended.

A medical mask must be worn if the minimum distance cannot be maintained when working in face-to-face settings and at the same time not everyone involved has yet been immunized.The Office of Occupational Safety, Environmental and Health Protection provides certified surgical masks to the Dean’s Offices and other institutions which can be issued to employees for work on campus. A contingent of FFP2 masks is available if it is inevitable to work without a minimum distance in special situations.

The general hygiene concept of TU Dortmund University has been supplemented by a concept for lectures and practical courses in attendance, so that departments do not have to create their own separate hygiene concept for courses that comply with the framework described there.

For courses with special interaction, in sports or music, a separate hygiene concept must also ensure that the necessary infection prevention measures are observed. For research operations in laboratories and workshops, it is also necessary to draw up an area-specific hygiene concept.

The developed hygiene concepts are checked by the Office of Occupational Safety, Environment and Health Protection. The team of the office is also available for consultation.

Questions and answers on digital work spaces can be found in the ServicePortal.

Employees who carry out their work remotely must ensure their availability during core working hours and be on standby in case their presence at TU Dortmund University is requested by their supervisor.

Against the background of the Corona pandemic, parents will be able to claim 30 instead of 20 working days of children's sick pay for each child covered by statutory health insurance in 2021. If there are several children, each parent is entitled to a maximum of 65 working days in total. For single parents, the entitlement increases by 20 to 60 working days per child. If there are several children, single parents are entitled to a maximum of 130 working days in total. This entitlement also applies if parents look after their children themselves at home. Eligible are working parents with statutory health insurance cover. Further information can be found on the pages of the TU Dortmund Familien Service.

If employees are quarantined by the responsible health authority, this order is binding. For a period of six weeks, the salary will continue to be paid as in the case of inability to work. After this period, payment of salary will cease and the regulations on sick pay will apply.

Further information for senior staff

Identify key elements in work processes and ensure substitution rules in these areas so that the absence of a person due to illness does not jeopardize or affect the functioning of the entire organizational unit.

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