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Rules of conduct

According to current legislation, a positive PCR test obligates both the person affected and the members in the same household to quarantine, i.e. one may no longer leave one's home or private property and may not receive visitors. The infected person is also required to notify all persons with whom there has been close personal contact in the four days prior to or since the test was performed. If the result is positive, the public health department will be notified and contact follow-up will be initiated. A positive antigen test must be verified by a PCR test.

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The university only tests without suspicion, i.e. it only tests symptomless persons. Anyone who has symptoms such as cough, fever, cold, and loss of smell or taste should not visit the campus, but should contact their family doctor.

The known distance and hygiene rules must continue to be observed in university operations - even a negative test result does not exempt from this. For one thing, a test result is always only a snapshot and does not allow a prognosis. Furthermore, tests can miss an infection if the viral load is low. 

TU Dortmund University has already successfully introduced a self-developed digital system to ensure "special traceability" for the winter semester 2020/21. For this purpose, TU members scan the specific QR code at their seat so that they can check in and out of rooms in a place-specific manner. If the public health department contacts the university in the course of contact tracing of a positive case, TU Dortmund University does not hand over a "paper trail", but can read out and pass on seating plans digitally. Further details on this can be found in the Corona FAQ under "".

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